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The path of a women in business and LEADERSHIP  it’s not easy at all.


Diana-Maria Georgescu

Founder and President of WomenEsteem International Association

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Delta Guide-Reshaping Perspectives, Diana is a Business Optimization Consultant, Senior Manager, Corporate Coach and Mentor for more than 15 years now.

Her own success receipt is a mix of strategic mind, high management skills, efficiency orientation and soft heart. She strongly believes in women working together to GROW TOGETHER AS ONE, and she made it her mission to transform this dream in reality.

This is the reason why she launched this community on November 9th of 2017, and she invested so much time, passion and resources to bring women togehter from different parts of the world to support each other and grow together in a harmonious way. 


Elena-Carmen Rușanu

WomenEsteem International Association Board Member

Certified Translator by the Ministry of Justice, German and English Teacher at King George International School in Buchaest. Her background is a mix of corporate experience as an EMEA Data Specialist at Adobe Systems and HR Specialist at Wipro, with consistent experience in the education field.  

She is passionate about books, and she is our knowlegeble lady when it comes to recommend books during our Book Club meetings. Carmen is also a content writer, hence you will have the chance to enjoy her articles in our WomenEsteem International For You Magazine.


Mirela Adamescu

WomenEsteem International Association Board Member

With a degree in Economics and a professional background first in the same field, then in V.I.P. Aviation, she is currently a Fashion Model owning her own brand #modellingafter45.

Mirela is the living proof that ”changing is the only life constant” and she serves as a true model for other women in their personal and professional growth path. Her entire life story is proving that cultural prejudices are just a mith, and can be overcome if you have a dream and vision of a different you.


Monica-Elena Leșan

WomenEsteem International Brand Awareness Mentor

With 15 years experience in Personal Branding and Public Relations, at national and European level, she understood that the economic, social and cultural valuea are based on people, but mostly on self awareness.

Monica is a mix of rigor and professional talent in creating the personal brand. She knows how to transform into beauty all the facets of a project she deals with.


Mara Bădiță

WomenEsteem International Ambassador and Global Representative

With international background coming from her working experience with Peace Corps, an USA Government Agency, where she was involved in a social project for Romania.

Her natural talent of working with people and her strong client and product solution/development skills gained in corporate environment where she supported the business development for different international clients, especially for Germany, for the last 14 years, are a strong fundation for supporting WomenEsteem International growth abroad.


Elena Anișoara Ioniță

WomenEsteem International Ambassador

With a Master degree in Intercultural Management and a professional background in people and clients management, she joined our association as Ambassador willing to support the community growth at national and international level.

Her positive approach, her smile and good heart are the core of her being. Sharing them with other Ladies on their path of personal and professional growth is a real blessing.


Carmen Coroian

WomenEsteem International Ambassador

With a Bachelor degree in Psychology and a professional background in international mediation, Carmen brings her editorial experience into the making of our community’s magazine.

She is in charge with correcting and editing the articles we are receiving from our contributors, and she is the WomenEsteem International Ambassador in Spain and LATAM, from where she helps us connect with new people willing to contribute to our dream. You will also find Carmen’s poetry and articles in the content of our magazine.


Elena Merișanu

WomenEsteem International Ambassador

With a Bachelor degree in Foreign Languages and Literature, and an extenssive knowledge and practice in Yoga and nutrition, Elena is a Yoga and Fitness Trainer and nutritionist.

She joined our association as an Ambassador and she is a real contributor of our magazine, WomenEsteem International For You. She is in charge with reviewing the articles written or translated in English and she is also a content writer, hence you will find her articles in our pages.


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