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The path of a women in business and in life  it’s a continuous journey.

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Give, and let also other people contribute to your gift for the world!” – this is our new magazine motto. 

So, dear Lady, this is our gift for you, beautiful, amazing, intelligent, full of unlimited resources and kind woman. Each month you will find here various information written in different languages by women and men, but also girls and boys, all respecting and supporting women’s evolution in this world.  Our aim is to offer you inspirational stories, so you can enjoy good content during your free time.

And now, please find a comfortable position, grab a cup of coffee or tea, or maybe a glass of wine, relax and start reading our stories. We carefully prepared interesting topics just For You! Enjoy!

Table Of Contents



  • Sri Lanka, a small Paradise to lose yourself in. Seventh Part (RO/EN) by Diana-Maria Georgescu


  • Glorified curse (RO) by Adina Cristea Palada
  • I will be good to you (EN) by Daniela Alistar
  • Autumn’s weather (RO) by Diana-Maria Georgescu


  • Autumn’s soul (RO) by Croitoru Vlad Cristian
  • Romanian language – peace’s spell (RO) by Cătălina Olievschi
  • Dear grandmother (RO) by Larisa Ciubotariu


  • Without the right people’s energy and contribution, no idea can become a reality! (RO/EN) by Diana-Maria Georgescu


  • Cecilia Brendea – The puppet theatre in education (EN) by Carmen Coroian


  • November in the stars (RO/EN) by Rodica Dincă and Oana Diaconeasa


  • Once upon a time… until it wasn’t! (RO/EN) by Denisa Anghel


  • 10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange World by Elif Shafak (EN) by Elena-Carmen Lincă



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Thanks to our amazing international team of volunteers and contributors, we are spreading our magic around the world. 

WomenEsteem International For You Magazine is now read in almost all of Europe (75.42% of the total readers), in the Americas (21.31% of the total readers), Asia (2.41% of the total readers), Oceania (0.21% of the total readers), and in Africa (0.36% of the total readers).

Thank you all for reading our stories and for sharing our magazine around the world!

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Reshaping Perspectives

Every step we take towards isolation is transforming profoundly our way of thinking and acting in business and in life. Addressing this mind shift today, will help us shaping consciously our future behaviors and identity.

Success stories

Each mind has its own maps. However, what we all have in common is our ability to learn from others' experiences. That's why, we have a surprise guest to inspire all the participants with its own success story applicable both in business and in her personal life.

Human connection

Not being able to physically interact and attend events anymore, WomenEsteem International is giving you the opportunity to expand your network and grow together as one. In this new reality, keeping in touch with people becomes a must.


What Our Readers Say

We are constantly receiving reviews from our readers and here you may enjoy some of them.

Am fost impresionată că cineva a avut geniala idee să creeze o revistă pentru femei cu un conținut atât de diversificat și accesibil atât din punct de vedere al limbjului folosit de specialiști cât și al variantelor bilingve pe care redactorii revistei le folosesc. Sunt abonată la rubrica de Sănătate și stare de bine, Călătorii și, una din pasiunile mele, rubrica de poezii. Felicitări pentru inițiativă, implementare și sper că această revistă să ajungă  în mâinile sau pe desktop-urile femeilor din întreaga lume.

Roxana Gîdea

Expert implementare proiecte, București, România

WomenEsteem International is an amazing and encouraging magazine that is rich in deeply inspiring stories for women everywhere. The interviews reveal the paths of many brilliant women around the world , who are revealing their life struggles with touching sincerity. The courage to capture in words the silver linings helps the readers to appreciate women who embarked on a variety of paths, each with their uniquely enlightening experiences. Beyond the beautiful interviews, the magazine includes theme inspired articles that wonderfully resonate with the spirit of the month.

Carmen Grasoi

Austin, Texas

La revista mensual de suscripción gratuita WEI For You ofrece en varios idiomas un espacio de indagación y reflexión interdisciplinario, recogiendo experiencias de vida, conocimientos y vivencias con profesionalismo e integridad. 

La recomiendo altamente por sus interesantes artículos que te convencerán y atraparán.

Andreea Ionela Diaconu

Profesora de inglés, Madrid, España

Conocer a Silvia Lage para mí fue una completa bendición, lo que ella dice acerca de que somos seres espirituales y que podemos usar las leyes espirituales para darle dirección y propósito a nuestras vidas, para mí fue totalmente revelador, desde entonces veo el mundo completamente diferente, cuido más lo que pienso, digo y hago, no puedo esperar por leer la continuación. Gracias WEI For You por tan tremenda revista.

Imar Ayala

Mentor de marketing en Empowered Living Español, Costa Rica

Leer artículos tan profundos no solo es una bendición para mi vida, sino que me llena de esperanza para poder afrontar las dificultades de la vida. Muchas gracias por generar espacios así. Estoy impaciente por conocer más sobre el tema.

Araceli Blas


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