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The objective of this webinar is to learn how to become more conscious about our native capacity to detach of the weight the common business context is putting on us, and switch from tension to relaxed yet focused state of mind and body.
The current business world is full of adrenaline. Every day there is this tension rising inside ourselves.

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The objective of this webinar is to become more conscious about the importance of being authentic in our professional lives.
In a world where we are currently hiding our smiles behind a mask, authenticity becomes a life value. It is not easy to show our emotions, but to keep our humanity, we need to do it. Fear is the beginning of a change and a direct path towards a more peaceful mind.

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Business Creators_Life Creators

The objective of this webinar is to broaden our perspective over the similarities between the way we create business and the way we build our life.
We are humanin beings repeating certain patterns towards success, and being more conscious about the similarities of our actions no matter the area of life or profession we are using them, will transform us in real independent creators of our destiny.

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