WomenEsteem Community for Women Leadership

WomenEsteem International Community is one of the projects close to my Soul. I have started this community, WomenEsteem, locally in Bucharest, Romania in November 2017, however in my head this idea it’s bigger than what I had the chance to manifest during the last 7 months. The intention came out as a direct result of my professional experience in international business environments where women are always proving to be strong, determinate and extremely reliable, but most of all, they have this talent of being managers by nature.  However, the path of a women in business it’s not easy at all. That’s why, usually women tend to lose their native strengths by copying men’s behavior to be able to succeed. I used to do that unconsciously as well, and I didn’t get it right away. After some years, I understood I was losing myself on the way and decide to change the direction. It takes time, but it’s good for the Soul, trust me. 😉

Going further, there is another aspect, more profound I would say, that unleashed my inner voice and made me start doing concrete things for women in business. And that’s called competitivity and “killing mode” women activate against each other when having similar career objectives or when they sense another strong woman around, that could prove herself more suitable for a certain responsibility. Even if I can understand the psychological reasons or the genetical information heritage, I am not willing to “close the eye” and not trying to transform it. I used to build teams and create the needed professional environment to cultivate the natural caring spirit women have and it worked out very well. So, if it can be done at a lower scale, why not at a higher scale as well?!

That’s why I choose to dedicate my journey on the Way of Saint James (the Portuguese part) this year to women around the world that know they are able to do anything they wish to accomplish, but most of all, to raise the awareness that women together are stronger than anything else. The feminine energy is actually the creation energy and the energy of the subconscious. I’m sure we all have seen what 3 open hearted women can create in a personal or professional life. Whether they are friends or just open business women choosing to achieve their goals together, the results are astonishing when they are creating and working together. Now, try to imagine for 30 seconds and extrapolate that power of creation to 3.5 billion women around the globe! Wouldn’t be that something you wish to move towards at?! 😊

That’s a big dream, I know, but as Walt Disney used to say “If you can dream it, you can do it!”. Not overnight, of course. That’s why, WomenEsteem International Community’s campaign on the Way of Saint James stays under “One step at a time” motto.

5 years ago, I walked the Way of Saint James the so-called French part, and during the first day I had this profound understanding that to reach Santiago de Compostela, I just need to focus on each step, not on the destination. And that made my journey extremely insightful and amazing. 

Cabo Finisterre, Spain
Cabo Finisterre, Spain

So, ladies, WomenEsteem International Community calls for you to join this dream, to grow not only this community at international level, but the spirit SHE (as she’s a lady as all of us 😊) has and SHE desires so much to expand. “One step at the time” according to the “Camino’s spirit” we will manifest in the real-life Women’s Leadership as a blessing for this world, not as a competition with men.

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