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Being a successful woman in a men’s world is no small feat. To persevere and to be noticed, women tend to display masculine traits and tend to silence their true nature. They often understand they need to adapt their behavior to the one men are used to, especially in professional environments.
The WomenEsteem International community offers the environment you need to discover the strength of your true nature. We believe a business woman is a great mix of knowledge, femininity, creativity and incredible strength.

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diana-maria georgescu

As a human being, I love to push my limits and make my dreams come true. In 2013 I decided to walk 930 km on the Camino of Santiago – French route, and I did it. The funny thing is that once you walk the Camino, you receive a certain spell singing into your blood and asking you to go back. That’s why, in 2018 I went back to walk the Portuguese route (936 km), and in 2019 I have launched the first organized Romanian group walking 450 km of the same route.


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