WomenEsteem International Community's Representative in Hamburg, Germany

Curious, funny, and always ready to help anyone in need, Mara is that person you get fascinated with as soon as she shares with you a first smile. That’s how she conquered some German hearts in both professional and personal areas of her life. We know each other for 11 years now. We used to work together for some years in corporate environment, where I had the chance to discover her loyal and hard-working side, her unique communication skills and her serious yet funny way of dealing with international clients. These native talents made her suitable to relocate to Germany, and to work directly with one of the most challenging clients we used to have years back when working together for a multinational company. Since then, she made her way up to new professional challenges, and she became and expert in client service area being appointed to manage global clients across the world.


Mara Bădiță
Mara Bădiță

We shared our moments together for some years, and due to the distance, we lost track of each other for a while. Last year, life brought us together again and we started to share personal thoughts, interests and growth. That’s how Mara got in touch with our community. Her curiosity pushed her to know better WomenEsteem International’s projects and to become part of our online meetings once COVID-19 hit us all.  

Her interest in transforming her life, her continuous work with herself, her thirst of knowledge and new experiences made her one of the most active ladies in our community. She took the initiative to invite us on morning coffees building virtual bridges over the space that keeps us apart, and we had so many magic moments together. Having Mara around is like having a continuous sunshine lighting your way in everything you do. So, becoming WomenEsteem International Community’s representative outside Romania came naturally.

She took the initiative to contact people in different countries, and after three years, WomenEsteem International Community will finally start its activity abroad. Mara is that positive person sharing our community’s values. Together we aim to bring people together and connect them profoundly, at soul level, to make a positive impact on this world kept mostly in fear and apart for so many months now.  

We invite you to welcome Mara in our community and to follow our events and news about her activity within WomenEsteem International Community. She is our Sunshino, and we are proud to have her on board promoting our values and way of doing things at global level!

Thank you, Mara, for joining us in driving and being the change we all want to see in the world!

Mara Bădiță