Business model release

I am happy to announce the release of a new business model. To cope with the new challenges of the business environment, 

I have created the Soul2Soul business model, built around the importance of the human resource with an organization. 

Stay tuned!


A mix of strategic mind, high management skills, efficiency orientation and soft heart. That’s my personal success receipt.   

My native talent in working with people became noticeable early in my career. That’s why I’ve been appointed to build and manage teams, departments, processes and propose improvements in a global environment since I was 24. However, my soul was not looking just for managing people, but for helping them grow and inspiring them to become their better version. That’s why I am always looking to expand my knowledge and to diversify my practices according to this world’s fast evolution.


Business Optimization Expert

You know how to do things. When you need a fresh view, I am here to bring light over your way of doing business and guide you towards the best shape of your processes and business structure. Similar to our own lives, a business is a living organism. To keep it healthy you have to continuously improve your way of feeding and growing it to make it bloom and shine!
And I am your personal guide in this life cycle!

Management Mentor

You like to grow your own people and empower them. When you have found talents to be empowered and become managers, a Management Mentor with a broad experience in the field is what you need. Holding different local and international management responsibilities over the last 15 years and building different mentoring programs for new managers grown in a multinational environment, and for entrepreneurs, drew an important line of expertise in my career. That’s why I can assist and guide your ”new born” in the management wild life.

Business and Life Coach

What keeps you or your team away from reaching your objectives, is the mindset you have built during an entire life. When you are ready to break it and work intensively to reach your better potential, give me a call. I can assist you on your mind shifting path, on installing new behaviors to help you achieve what you await.

Counselor for personal and organizational development

You had a great growing process, yet you feel somehow stuck in your personal or professional life. When you feel ready to reshape your perspective and transform into a
better version of yourself, reach out to me and I can guide you towards your best shape.

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“Nothing can stop your inner voice!
Nothing can stop your inner power!”

Being a successful woman in a men’s world is no small feat. To persevere and to be noticed, women tend to display masculine traits and tend to silence their true nature. They often understand they need to adapt their behavior to the one men are used to, especially in professional environments. But that’s not who they really are!
Diana-Maria Georgescu
Founder WomenEsteem Int



Guide you to act and believe you can attain what you want in your professional and personal life by practicing daily new mindsets and behaviors. Reshaping perspectives is one of the fastest and accessible ways to get you and your business where you want.


A Community that offers the environment you need to discover the strength of your true nature. We believe a business woman is a great mix of knowledge, femininity, creativity and incredible strength.


Life proved me that you can have anything you want, and anything you create inside your heart with a strong desire, love, kindness and perseverance. Each interaction and each experience I had in my personal life and in my career, was a strong brick added to what
I am today. 


World Traveler. Life Traveler. Time Traveler.


My Soul came into this world with the divine intention to push my limits and make my dreams come true. After years of fighting against the inner urge of becoming free, my Mind accepted and followed the direction. Hence, I have walked three paths of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela (930 km in 2013, 936 km in 2018 and 450 km in 2019), 

I traveled alone in India for few weeks having the chance to meet in McLeod Ganj one of the most inspiring people in the world: His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, and soon I will publish my first poetry book.
Traveling and writing, especially poetry, are the two magic fuels always ready to feed my inner engine which makes me continue to walk my Camino throughout this life.

what clients say

"I have worked with Diana both as part of the internal coaching program and as managing functionally related teams (Quotation and Production). She likes people and is very good at communicating. She is both productive and enthusiastic in her approach to her team and to her team's assigned clients and projects. Diana is both a solid and a flexible decision maker. She has a wide range of managerial styles that she uses best according to the situation and person at hand. I highly recommend Diana for managerial positions."
Dana Costea
Life and Business Coach
"I worked with Diana for 4 years in Ipsos Interactive Services. She is a good people manager, very reliable and involved. She owned the Mentoring program and she had outstanding results with the managers she worked with. During the time we were colleagues, I could always depend on her. I highly recommend Diana for Mentoring and Coaching Programs."
Simona Cozmean
Senior Operations Delivery Manager
"Diana is a high skilled manager, a collaborative mentor and influencer for colleagues from top manager to the managers or people in her team. As we are collaborating since 2007 I know very well Diana and I observed that from the moment she joined as Director for the Project Management team, she focused on creating leaders, on creating people of great value, to create a sense of purpose and fulfillment for the colleagues in her team, and as results I observed great motivation for people in the team, client satisfaction, efficiency and good financial results."
Flaviu Bobb
Client Service and Quotation Director Europe
"I have known Diana for more than 10 years. She is one of the best and most positive people I have ever had the pleasure of working and spending time with. We have started the coaching sessions because I was in a dead end in my professional life, not knowing what to do and how to react to certain situations. With calm and intuitive questions, she helped me find solutions to my issues. She showed me a way to find a new path in my career. I totally recommend her for coaching sessions, professional or personal situations."
Ioana Mihaiu
Digital Media Buyer